A new academic guest house turns into a visible landmark owing to its floating horizontality and the relationship of scale to the existing building. Although the abstract construction clearly contrasts with the existing building, it also creates a relation to the entire group of HPP buildings and rounds it off. The supporting and spatial structure consists of two floors suspended on tension elements. They transfer the forces through a high cassette roof to the indoor supports and core. The individual architectural elements, their formulation and their structural interaction have a direct spatial effect and are tangible.

001 Guest house HPP 01
001 01
001 Guest house HPP 02
001 02
001 Guest house HPP 03
001 03
001 Guest house HPP 04
001 04
001 Guest house HPP 05
001 05
001 Guest house HPP 06
001 06

Academic guest house as extension to the physics building, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Studios, entrance hall, catering
Open project competition 2007, 5th prize