The urban volumes are mainly defined by the masterplan of Peter Märkli, and consists of very typical Zurich line buildings, "Zeilenbauten", with moderate depths.
A specific access gallery structure is developed as an idea of a community- focused, cooperative living form and housing typology. It is not only conceived as an open, structural stage for everyday life and neighbourhood, but also attemtps to answer the noise protection in a less conventional way. A rigid structure of prefabricated pillars and plates in concrete contrasts with wooden interior walls and building envelope. The project is an attempt on a cooperative housing typology that goes beyond the standardized and conventional "Durchwohnen"- Typology of many of Zurich's cooperatives.

084 Im Gut 01
084 01
084 Im Gut 2
084 2
084 Im Gut 3
084 3
084 Im Gut 4
084 4
084 Im Gut 6
084 6
084 Im Gut 5
084 5

Selective Competition, 2021