A single, large-format steel structure stretches over the whole area like delicate shelving, its varying timber frame volumes acting as a link between five differing types of housing cooperatives. The three-dimensional grid system acts as supporting structure, access routes as well as public and private outdoor spaces on various levels. This potent architectural gesture enmeshes existing buildings with their new counterparts and the fluctuation between uniformity and diversity is intentional. A slow and cautious development and growth can follow, like a metabolic process where regeneration is always possible.

065 Industriestrasse 01
065 01
065 Industriestrasse 02
065 02
065 Industriestrasse 07
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065 Industriestrasse 08
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065 Industriestrasse 09
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065 Industriestrasse 10
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Kooperation Industriestrasse, Lucerne, Switzerland
Idea Competition 1st stage, 2017